You've been invited to join Disco's Tourney Pick'em Pool, It's Always Sunny in Humboldt.

Pool details
12 Members Yahoo! Default Scoring (1-2-4-8-16-32)
Commissioner: Disco
Commissioner's Note: Hello and thanks for playing. Call it madness, chaos or straight bullshit, it's gonna be a crazy month! Just a couple notes, it is $60 per bracket, so if you did 2 plan on paying $120. The commish gets a $30 discount on 1 bracket. That is for putting this together, collecting money and paying out the winners. I will be paying $60 for the other. Therefore, total $ in the pot is: 11 teams x $60 = $660 + $30= $690 total. Payout is:
1st Place= $440
2nd Place=$190
3rd Place= $60

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